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Do partners have the same primary emotional love language, and frequently, partnerships suffer from miscommunication due to how each partner communicates and expects to receive love.

Dealing with Extended Family

Stay-overs and move-ins from extended family can easily cause a lot of friction and problems with a partner if not discussed ahead of time.


Spirituality is a sense of connection to something higher than us, also enhances a person's feeling of self and empowers them to discover their identity.

Financial Goals

The 10-year financial objectives of a 25-year-old fresh graduate differ considerably from those of a 40-year-old parent of two.

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Book excerpt

Chapter 1- Goals (Do your goals align)

Career paths may determine where you live, your lifestyle, and your income. Key questions need to be asked to understand what lies ahead and align or, at the very least, find palatable compromises.

Take Serena Williams for instance- she could never have married a man who wanted six children because it would have adversely affected her ambitions.

Chapter 2- Intimacy and romance (How do you define Intimacy and Romance)

Intimacy and romance are not all about physical passion. As partners, you need to have a deep connection and trust which allows you to feel comfortable with your partner and be “one”.

If you want to establish a strong relationship, take the time to have a meaningful conversation and truly get to know the other person.

Chapter 3: Family (What role does family play in your relationship)

As the saying goes, no man is and Island. Though you may be setting off to start your on family, your families still remain an integral part of your lives.

Couples should find the right balance between staying close to family and avoiding them having too much control of their union.

Chapter 4- Financial (What are your financial goals and plans)

Failing to Plan is planning to fail. Whatever level of income or wealth you fall into, there is always a need for financial planning.

This is especially true when you are about to say yes to spending the rest of your life with someone who has personal ambitions, likes and a unique background. How merge or continue to manage your separate finances will have a huge bearing on your future together.

Chapter 5- Business and education (What are your career and educational goals)

Getting married should not be the death of your dreams. As a couple, you must be able to accommodate each other’s ambitions and goals.

Either parties to the relationship should still be able to pursue their education or career related goals. However, some compromises may have to be reached in terms to ensure that you are working as a team.

Chapter 6- Medical and spiritual (How do you take care of your spiritual and mental health)

Ultimately, we all want to be happy in life and our health and spiritual wellbeing are integral to this happiness. How we manage our physical, emotional, and spiritual health has implications for all the other factors discussed in the book up to this point.

This chapter is about knowing what keeps you and your partner going when you are away from the noise and bustle of the world.

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